IC Assembly

Innovative Paste Printer(HSP/QSP series)

Multiple substrates stencil printing application with precisely fiducial mark alignment, auto print with motor squeegee, auto clean for stencil and strips auto load/unload. The system provide robust printing quality and high throughput.

Contact Angle measuring system(HCA series)
A full-auto load/unload contact angle measuring system. To provide auto droplet control, auto dispensing and contact angle auto measuring. The droplet dispensing position is also programmable. For the option, HPC provide semi-auto and manual system for contact angle measuring.
Semi-auto 3rd Optical inspection system(IBS series)
To provide an simple and manual inspection environment for Die-bonding & wire-bonding products , the system provide convenient functions for hand-free, easy operation, easy change kit and web-service. Also to avoid the products be damaged and improve the inspection method and speed.
Wafer/paste measuring system(HyperScan series)
To measure the paste thickness / die thickness / wafer thickness with a integration of precisely laser sensor, linear motor XY table, granite stage. It provide an easy and fast function for the measurement application.
Fillet-height measuring system(FHM-20/30)
To measure the fillet height thickness and calculate the percentage with microscope and million pixel CCD . It could improve current measure way and speed for calculation.
Wafer inspection system(SBS-300+)
When loading wafer to inspection platform automatically, SBS-300+ can take sequence photos of wafer sawing street for eye inspection. This automatic wafer handling function can make it a lot easier to do the eye inspection.
Auto wafer thickness measuring system(WFSCAN-20)
WFSCAN-20 is a fully automatic wafer thickness measuring machine which contains automatic wafer load/unload function and wafer thickness measuring system. WFSCAN-20 equipt with a high precision laser head, a linear motor and a granite platform for the excellent performance.
Paste shape and position inspection System(PI-100)

Paste shape and position inspection to make sure printing quality. In-line and Stand along type are both available.
Die Sorting System(HDS-200)

A speedy driver IC sorter equipped with 6 waffle-tray bins, and optional back-side inspection function.
Wafer skeleton inspection(WS-100)

To scan skeleton die images and analysis / compare to original map file , the process is after die-bond.
Auto refill system(ATX-100)

To re-fill IC to the unfilled tray after trim/form process.


IC Testing

High speed gravity testing handler(Action series)
Action series gravity handler provide a simple/robust & efficiency/economy handling system for SOP family package in testing. A small footprint machine with short plunger or long plunger option, multi-test site, low jam rate /High UPH and flexible operation interface. Action series provide own socket (Kelvin & non-kelvin) , but also compatible for 3rd party socket.
Audio/Video testing system(MTS series)
A device designed for the detection of LCD TV modules and related fields.
Automatically detects the output signal of LVDS (V-By-One / Mini-LVDS) chip and audio, Replace the traditional artificial visually determine and reduce false positives, reduce personnel costs.



Golf Club Head groove scannerHyperscan-GCH)
To follow the new rule of USGA and R&A, the scanner provide an excellent club head groove profile measurement function , it is non-contact measuring with precisely laser sensor which could provide groove width, groove depth, groove pitch(space) and radius measurement.